Wheel Repair Edmonton

Wheel Repair

Wheel Repair Edmonton

Are you experiencing a vibration while driving your vehicle at various different speeds? Did you know that you may have a bent wheel causing a vibration that regualar tire balancing can't fix? Bring your rims in to Fastech and have those rims professionally straightened today!

If you drive a vehicle in Edmonton, you are well aware of the many potholes and uneven road surfaces in our fine city. With today's vehicles coming original equipment with larger diameter rims and low-profile tires, there is no longer the same amount of cushion between the road and your vehicle. This means that driving at various speeds and meeting one of these nasty potholes can cause significant damage to your tires and wheels.

A bent wheel will cause an annoying vibration that regualr tire balancing can not correct. A cracked wheel can cause air loss and potentially cause further damage to the tire and or vehicle if left undetected. If this should happen to you, don't worry - at Fastech we can diagnose the damage and professionally repair your wheel quickly so you can get back to enjoy driving your vehicle safely and worry free!

What are some of the advantages to having your wheels professionally repaired at Fastech? 

  • Quick turnaround means you get your wheels backon the road sooner.
  • Complete one-stop service. 
  • Save precious time and hard earned money.
  • We provide professional services to both commercial and retail customers.

Have you ever needed to have a wheel repaired only to find out that you need to remove the wheel yourself or take it to a separate shop and have it dismounted, only to have the rim repaired and then taken back again to have it remounted somewhere else? Not anymore! Avoid the hassle and have Fastech take care of everything for you. We can do everything at our facility, saving you time, and saving you money also.

Backside bend repairs

  • Specialized hydraulic wheel straightening is made possible with our dedicated rim press machine.
  • Designed to take the bend out of almost any wheel. We will return the rim to within .010 thousands of an inch of roundness.
  • Wheels and tires are then mounted and balanced to precision with road force balance technology. 

Cracked bead repairs

  • All welding is completed using a GTAW (tig) process and carries a lifetime warranty against breaking, unless from another accident or other damage.
  • After welding is complete, the rim is straightened and the bead area is machined by lathe to perfect roundness.
  • Wheels and tires are then mounted and balanced to precision with road force balance technology. 

All damaged wheels will undergo a strict inspection for bends and cracks and we will only repair wheels that we feel will be safe to be put back into use on your vehicle.