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Commercial Fleet Edmonton

Yes, we offer special rates and discounts for commercial fleet operators, plus quick, expert service that puts your vehicles back on the road fast.

All commercial fleet operators are under pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency by reducing the time when fleet vehicles are off the road. That's where Fastech comes in. We know you need to minimize the time when a fleet vehicle needs tire maintenance or repair.

Flat tires happen all too often. At Fastech, we're committed to getting your fleet vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

We understand that every hour counts for a commercial fleet operator," says Fastech Owner Sheldon Heitt. "That's why we are focused on delivering fast tire care, replacement and maintenance with no compromise in the quality of our service."

To ensure the fastest service possible, we collect and file all the information required to complete scheduled service without delay. "It's all about getting a fleet vehicle back on the road as fast as possible," explains Mr. Heitt. "That's what the fleet owner needs and expects."

Payment can be made with a wide variety of fleet cards, including ARI, Capital/Corp-Rate, Foss, GE Capital, PHH, TLS, Wheels Leasing Canada (MAP), Jim Pattison, Jim Peplinski) and more. Contact us online or by phone for more information – or even better, drop into our shop to learn more about our fleet operation services. You can also expect a free beverage and don't worry about staying in touch because we also offer free Wi-Fi.

Remember to ask about our special rates and discounts for fleet operators – just one more reason why it pays to bring all your fleet vehicles to Fastech for tire replacement or tire care and maintenance.

Best results are achieved when fleet vehicles are brought in for regular tire care and maintenance. "The last thing you want is a flat tire that takes a commercial vehicle off the road for a lengthy period," says Fastech Owner Sheldon Heitt. "The solution is to follow a set tire maintenance schedule. That way problems can be spotted and corrected before they cause problems, such as uneven wear, shortened tread life or, worse, tire failure."

Discover why some of our most loyal customers are fleet operators. Contact us today online or by phone (780.435.4449) to learn what we can do for your fleet of cars or trucks.