Tire Storage Edmonton

Tire Storage

Tire Storage Edmonton

Why waste time and space storing your winter tires when we can do the job for you? It costs less than you think and ensures your tires will be stored properly (improper tire storage can reduce the life and performance of your tires).

You may be surprised to know that there is a right way – and wrong way – to store your car or truck tires – and many people use the wrong way. Improper tire storage can cause unnecessary wear or damage, so make sure you follow our tire storage guidelines and tips.

If you don't have the time or room to arrange your own tire storage, take advantage of the tire storage service offered by Fastech. It costs just $100 per season to remove and store a set of four tires. We ensure they are stored properly and when the time comes to put your tires back on we can handle that job, too (additional cost for tire installation).

Tire storage tips

  • Lay the tires flat and stack them on top of each other like pancakes
  • Remove any debris, brake dust or dirt before you store your tires and make sure the tires are dry before you place them in storage
  • Use tire covers to protect your tires while they are in storage. Many tire covers come with a handle that makes it easier to carry the tires, including summer tires, winter tires, some off-road tires, trailer tires, spare tires, and vintage and limited edition tires.
  • If you care about how your tires look while they are in storage, buy a sporty tire cover
  • Reduce the tire pressure to about 50% of the suggested pressure, reinflate when you get the tires remounted

Tire rim storage tips

  • When storing tires without rims, rotate the tires every month to avoid the creation of flat spots
  • Store tires without rims in an upright position. Tire racks make storage quick and easy and make your garage look more organized
  • Tires with rims should be stored upright and rotated every month to avoid flat spots from developing. A tire rack will help you keep your tires upright and in place.

Where to store your tires

  • Keep your tires in a space that is not exposed to heat or the elements
  • Don't keep your tires close to any place where you use products that could damage the tire, such as chemicals, solvents or fuel
  • Check your tires for any sign of damage to ensure they will be ready to go when they are remounted