Tire installation Edmonton

Tire installation

Tire installation Edmonton

Don't trust the installation of your high performance tires and wheels to anyone other than the tire installation professionals at Fastech.

Whether you are bringing in your five-year-old family sedan or a hot new Porsche 911, you will get expert tire installation and service from Fastech. "We know that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer, so we place a high priority on providing the best service in the business to every customer who comes through our front door, " says Fastech Owner Sheldon Heitt.

Simply put, Fastech is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations from start to finish. Our tire installation technicians are among the best in the business and we have state of the art tire installation equipment that you won't find at an all-purpose auto service outlet. Plus we give you the little extras, such as ensuring your new tires are cleaned.

Seven reasons why it pays to have your tires installed by Fastech

  1. Touch less tire mounting. (The only thing that touches your wheel is the tire itself. That's important because it means your tire won't be damaged during the mounting process.)
  2. High Speed Computer Balancing.
  3. Road Force Balancing. (For that hard to find vibration. We can determine if you have a bent wheel or a bad tire, and also locate the best possible way to mount the tire on the wheel to give you the best possible balance.)
  4. Run-flat tires. TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) – We can reset your warning light and supply and switch out TPMS sensors.
  5. Tire Repairs. No plugs used here, we remove the tire and install a proper plug patch in every tire we repair.
  6. Full line of aftermarket accessories and hardware such as lug nuts, wheel locks, hub rings, spacers, and wheel cleaners.
  7. National Account Billing


See for yourself by bringing in your car or truck – and remember we are the right choice for not only standard tires and wheels, but also high performance tires and rims.