Tire repair and replacement in Edmonton


Tire repair and replacement in Edmonton

Expert tire repair and replacement in Edmonton by top tire technicians working with the latest tire handling technology. Fastech’s highly trained and experienced tire technicians work with the latest installation technology and equipment.

Sooner or later, we all need to get a tire repaired or replaced. Perhaps you have a flat tire or it is just time for regular tire care and maintenance. Make sure the job is done right by highly trained tire technicians in Edmonton working with the latest installation and repair equipment, which is exactly what you will find at Fastech.

For example, did you know that a tire can be damaged if it is not removed properly from the tire rim? It’s true. That’s why we offer touch less tire mounting (The only thing that touches your wheel is the tire itself!)

  • High Speed Computer Balancing
  • Road Force Balancing. (For that hard to find vibration. We can determine if you have a bent wheel or a bad tire, and also locate the best possible way to mount the tire on the wheel to give you the best possible balance.)
  • Run-flat tires. TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) – We are capable of resetting your warning light as well as supplying and switching out TPMS sensors.
  • Tire Repairs. No plugs used here, we remove the tire and install a proper plug patch in every tire we repair.
  • Wheel repair - bent wheels and cracked rims are no longer a problem.
  • Full line of aftermarket accessories and hardware such as lug nuts, wheel locks, hub rings, spacers, and wheel cleaners.
  • National Account Billing


You should also know that many people who buy their car or truck tires online bring them to us for installation and maintenance, because they want the peace of mind that comes with knowing their tires are being cared for by a local Edmonton supplier, who is also a trusted supplier of tire maintenance and repair for commercial fleets.

  • Don't trust the installation of your high performance tires and wheels to anyone other than the tire installation professionals at Fastech.
  • Are you experiencing a vibration while driving your vehicle at various different speeds? Did you know that you may have a bent wheel causing a vibration that regualar tire balancing can't fix? Bring your rims in to Fastech and have those rims professional ...
  • Why waste time and space storing your winter tires when we can do the job for you? It costs less than you think and ensures your tires will be stored properly (improper tire storage can reduce the life and performance of your tires).
  • Whether you are looking for a smooth, quiet ride or top performance at high speeds, we have the right tire for your car or truck.
  • Yes, we offer special rates and discounts for commercial fleet operators, plus quick, expert service that puts your vehicles back on the road fast.
  • Don't trust the installation of your high performance tires and wheels to anyone other than the tire installation professionals at Fastech.