Tire for Trucks Edmonton

Tires for Trucks

Tire for Trucks Edmonton

Whether you are looking for a smooth, quiet ride or top performance at high speeds, we have the right tire for your car or truck.

On any given day, our parking lot will include a few trucks, with the most common being a one-ton truck, a 3500 series truck, a 350 truck or cube vans.

Most of the trucks are brought in to service or replace a conventional truck tire, but we are also a trusted source for customers who are looking for a more aggressive tire, such as an all-terrain tire or a mud type tire, required because the truck is used on all road surfaces.

Other truck tire customers want to make their truck taller with a lift kit or they could be looking for a bigger truck tire, because it looks better and provides a more comfortable ride.

Contact us today online or by phone to learn more about our wide selection of tires and rims for trucks and our equally impressive truck tire care and maintenance program.