Rims Edmonton


Rims Edmonton

Every rim buyer has different needs and expectations and will therefore make different choices from the almost infinite range of rim designs, available at a wide variety of price points.

Compared to standard rims, custom rims have to be wider to conform with the size of custom tires, which have a lower profile and are wider, and are known in the tire business as "plus sizing."

It follows that plus sized tires need plus sized rims and care needs to be taken to ensure that the total diameter of the rim and tire are the same. Even a slight variation can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, transmission issues and braking problems that in some cases could escalate to a complete brake failure.
What's hot in rims for cars and trucks?

Some hot new rims could be the perfect finishing touch for your truck.

It is no exaggeration to suggest that the rim manufacturers have something new every year and you will find it at Fastech (or we will order it for you). Plus you can always count on our tire experts to have the inside story on what's hot, and more important, what will look hot on your car or truck. That's why it is not unusual to see some very attractive high-performance sports cars at Fastech. The owners of these vehicles won't trust their dream machines to just anyone. They want the best of the best. And when it comes to tires, that means they go to Fastech.

What size are my rims?

On the side of every tire, there is a string of letters and numbers that finishes with two digits. Those last two digits indicate the size of the current rim on your car or truck. If you plan on putting a new tire on that rim, it must be the same size as the rim. You can switch to a different size, but remember that the rim and tire must be the same size.

Do I need special rims for winter driving?

There was a time when steel rims were recommended exclusively for winter driving because they stood up better to cold temperatures than aluminum rims, which tends to contract in cold weather conditions and that can lead to changes in tire air pressure and/or air leakage.

Today, you can choose from a range of more attractive alloy rims that are specially coated to withstand winter driving conditions.

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