New Tire performance Edmonton

New Tire performance

New Tire performance Edmonton

Whether you are looking for a smooth, quiet ride or top performance at high speeds, we have the right tire for your car or truck.

So it is time to buy new tires and you assume, logically, that your tires will work best when they are new. After all, that is when the tire has the most tread. However, tires are constructed in such a way that they need a break-in period that typically lasts about a few hundred kilometers. You should not drive aggressively during this period as the stress placed on the tire may interfere with the bonding process (tires are composed of rubber, steel and fabric) that needs to happen with every new tire.

It is also possible that the tire traction could be reduced by a residue deposited during the production process. This residue will be worn away by normal driving during the break-in period.

Once the break-in period is over, you will get maximum performance from your tires, provided that you ensure they are properly inflated, rotated and balanced at the recommended intervals and are driven in the correct season. As each year goes by, performance will drop. You may be aware of the expected tread life of your tires, but keep in mind that this is only a recommendation and, depending on how and where you drive, you may get less or more tread life. Remove the guess work by bringing your tires in to the tire experts at Fastech for a check up every Spring and Fall.

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