About Fastech Tire

Why Fastech?

About Fastech Tire

With state of the art equipment and highly skilled and trained technicians, Fastech has been a trusted provider of tires, rims, and service for cars and trucks in Edmonton since 1989.

It's true. You can buy tires and rims for your car or truck in a lot of places...

...But what if you need someone who can help you choose the right tire or rim for your vehicle and your driving conditions – someone who takes the time to ask whether you are looking for a smooth ride and fuel economy or an attractive profile and high performance. You get all the answers at Fastech, which helps explain why we sell about 10,000 tires every year, including ultra high performance custom tires, and have been a trusted source for wheels and tires since our doors first opened in 1989.

So if you are buying tires for the first time or are unhappy with the service you received the last time you shopped for tires, drop by and see us. We're also very popular with commercial fleet owners and businesses that operate multiple vehicles, mainly because we are very good at three things: offering good value on every tire purchase, providing expert installation and service, getting company vehicles back on the road fast.
"There is nothing more expensive than a cheap tire."

"I tell all our customers that there is nothing more expensive than a cheap tire," says Fastech Owner Sheldon Heitt, who adds that the difference in price between a cheap tire and a quality tire could be as little as $15-$25. "You might think you are getting a deal when you buy a cheap tire, but you need to know that cheap tires are built to minimum standard, which means they don't last as long as quality tires, plus they don't offer the same safety or performance. So in the long run you actually pay more when you buy cheap tires."

Tires installed in 30 minutes? That's the norm at Fastech if you have standard tires and wheels, drive a common passenger car or truck, and you don't have your tires installed during peak periods (Spring or Fall). The tire selection you want, the tire service you need – often in as little as 30 minutes.

Ask a Fastech customer why they prefer to buy tires and rims from Fastech and you are likely to get one of several answers. Some will mention the family atmosphere, others will talk about our fast service (tires installed in about 30 minutes) *. Or is it because they have a comfortable waiting room with Free Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, and complimentary beverages? Either way, at Fastech we strive to make your visit a pleasant experience each and every single time.

Then there are the many customers who appreciate our incredible selection of tires, available at a variety of price points to suit any budget. You also get to choose from well known brands such as Michelin, Uniroyal, BF Goodrich and Toyo Tires and an equally impressive collection of rims from Dub, Fuel Off-Road, Niche, Foose, American Racing, Ultra Wheel, Platinum, TSW and many more popular brands. And don't forget the customers who bring some of the hottest cars on the road into our shop to get high-end wheels and rims. There is nobody more demanding -- or more appreciative -- of the expert tire and rim service they get from Fastech.

* Standard tires and rims during off-peak periods.